11th International Mining History Congress

(The official language of the Congress will be English)

“Mines: history and influence in industrial and social development of mining communities"

6th to 11th September 2016

Mining, as one of the most ancient industries, has shaped the cultural landscapes and influenced the evolution of the civilisations in any part of the world. Human settlements, traditions, cultures, beliefs, economic and social systems were characterised by the impact of mining throughout history.

Papers are welcome on all aspects of mining history and will be included in follow Themed groups:

  • Growing and decline of mining activity. Impacts of the mining history on the past, recent and future generations.
  • Relationship between the development of mining, and mining related, industry and technology.
  • Gender topics in mining activity along the centuries.
  • Mining heritage as resource for cultural, social and economic development (including tourism).
  • Mining history in the light of human, landscape and industrial aspects.
  • The evolution of Health and Safety legislation with respect to mining.
  • Mining personalities.
  • Labour issues and its bearing on the success of mining operations.
  • The relevance of foreign investment and the introduction of new technology for mining development.
  • Mining – a linkage between the cultures.

It provides simultaneous translation from English to Spanish

Timetable for Registration and paper Submissions

Monday 7th September 2015Call for papers opens on website
Monday 29th February 2016Deadline for Early Registration
Monday 25th April 2016Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts to present a paper
Friday 15th July 2016Deadline for Standard Registration
Friday 29th July 2016Deadline for Submission of full papers
Friday 26th August 2016Deadline for Late Registration
Monday 5th September 2016Start Congress Reception