Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes

Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes and its current activities

The Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes is a nonprofit association and all members are volunteers. The Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes was formed in 1998 and our purpose is to protect the important mining heritage and the mining landscape of the whole mining district from La Carolina in the north to Linares in the south. Since then, local and county governments, as well as the population, both are increasingly convinced that mining heritage is a very important matter. The best evidence for the meaning of such importance are following results of the activity:

    • Three Visitor Centers:
      (1) Mining landscape in Linares
      (2) Aquisgrana Centre in La Carolina
      (3) Argaric settlement in Baños de la Encina


  • Two Museums:
    (1) In Linares (web site Museo Linares), with the incredibly well preserved roman mosaic recently discovered (web site Cástulo)
    (2) In La Carolina (web site Museo La Carolina)
  • technical projects for a new visitor centre buildings restoration and visitors’ mine in La Tortilla, near Linares
  • A network of about 58 km with six approved path among mining sites around Linares (web site FAM)
  • Security intervention over more than 100 mining elements (shafts, adits, etc.)
  • From 2003 to 2006, 125 mining sites were recorded into Andalusian Catalog of Historic Heritage (web site IAPH)
  • Partners in different, national and international, mining and metallurgical heritage organizations, as Adepta, Sedpgym, TICCIH España and Europamines (from 2003 to 2009)
  • Research on mining in the old district Linares – La Carolina, publishing several books and guides for the trails.
  • Numerous talks, meeting and guided tours among mines, etc. all for the open public.

We are currently working on increasing the level of protection and improve the management of the heritage.

The new Andalusian Heritage Law (2007), among other defines a legal figure, which is very suitable to the characteristic of the mining district Linares – La Carolina: the Heritage Zone.

The geological scheme of the district (Fig. 1 CLIC Here) shows that the metal-bearing veins go almost parallel in the same direction. So, we consider the veins as the elements that identify and recognize the different areas that could form the Heritage Zone (web site IGN). We can perceive how the veins are really ordering the territory: the mining remains, the paths and roads, the tramways and railway lines are alignments over the veins; really, the veins generate and specific landscape around.

During last years, we are working to obtain the Heritage Zone declaration for the district.

The project defines 16 Areas, each one containing: mining sites, archaeological sites, ore dressing and metallurgical installations, transport routes, mining villages, etc. Up to now we have catalogued more than 2000 remains in 520 sites. (Fig. 2 CLIC Here)