Call for Papers

Invitation to present a paper to the Eleventh International Mining - Linares, Spain.


The International Mining History Congress brings together practitioners of mining history in all of its forms to exchange recent research findings. Papers are invited from academics, amateur historians, former and present employees of the mining industry, government officials, members of associations related with the environment and mining, as well as conservationists, archivists and curators.


This is the first time the Congress has assembled in Spain, but it will be the fourth occasion that it has been held in Europe. Spain has a long metal mining tradition that commenced in the Copper Age, long before the Romans worked mines extensively for gold, silver, lead and copper. Linares was central to Roman lead and silver operations, that made Cástulo, located south of the town, an strategic centre of the south Spain mining. Much later in the 19th century, other nationalities (British, French, Germans) came to the area, implementing the industrial revolution improvements to revitalise the mines. This, together with the Romans remains, has left behind a rich mining legacy that dominates the surrounding countryside. The mining district of Linares – La Carolina can proudly boast a history that is spread over some 4000 years.

Congress Themes

  • Growing and decline of mining activity. Impacts of the mining history on the past, recent and future generations.
  • Relationship between the development of mining, and mining related, industry and technology.
  • Gender topics in mining activity along the centuries.
  • Mining heritage as resource for cultural, social and economic development (including tourism).
  • Mining history in the light of human, landscape and industrial aspects.
  • The evolution of Health and Safety legislation with respect to mining.Mining personalities.
  • Labour issues and its bearing on the success of mining operations.
  • The relevance of foreign investment and the introduction of new technology for mining development.
  • Mining – a linkage between the cultures.


Papers and presentations may be scientific or experiential, and there are no rules about their length. Selection will be on the basis of merit. For consideration please include the title, a 300 word abstract, a 50 word biographical note. The organisers also welcome proposals for posters / panels on any of the above themes.

Be allowed papers in both English and Spanish.

The following information should accompany your abstract:

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Send abstracts to You should receive an acknowledgement within five working days.


Submission of Abstracts opens 7th September 2015
Submission of abstracts deadline: 25th April 2016
Submission of full text papers deadline: 29th July 2016

It is proposed to make all papers available for downloading on the Internet shortly after the close of the Congress. Delegates will be informed of the link via email.

Fees and further information

Details about registration fees will be published in the web site. For all enquiries please contact the